Why dowe Hunt? Southeastern Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies

This season, our goal is simple: to see more people than ever outside, experiencing the joy of hunting. A region-wide push for the purchase and renewal of hunting licenses, the #MoreToTheHunt campaign encourages sustainable adventure in fifteen southeastern states to grow our community of hunting and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Certain experiences are rare treasures. A moment of silence amid the switchgrass, movements that are careful and patient, company you keep for hours on end. Across generations, the act of hunting has been something of a north star, connecting us to our companions and the earth beneath our feet. To rise with the sun, to lie in wait, to feel the rush of anticipation rise in your chest—this is why we return, time and again, to the quail field, the deer blind, the familiar tract of woods. It’s the sense of possibility in every charged moment, the chance to ground ourselves and awaken our senses.

At day’s end, there’s a satisfaction that’s hard to put into words, and a sense of accomplishment no matter the outcome. Maybe it’s the joy of mastering this very human pursuit, or the pride in sustainability—in putting wild game on the table and knowing exactly where it came from. Perhaps it’s the fact that, despite the quiet nature of these moments, the best days are the ones spent immersed in the great outdoors, returning home with a story to share.

Whatever drives you, there’s so much more to hunting than the hunt.

This Project was funded by a Multistate Conservation Grant F22AP00706, a program funded from the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, and jointly managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.